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  • R Richards

The Times, Are Changing

Greetings, We are John, a collection of entities that come through this person, to aid in personal development individuals, the planet and anyone who is willing and ready to listen to those from the other side. We are not better than you who are living, we simply have a different perspective. We will come through when the time is suitable, and the conditions are right. In this case your typest is sitting in a car repair waiting room, and this must be the time! Times are changing, if you haven't noticed by now. Time has always ch

anged, but being in the middle of history when it is happening is not always easy to ascertain. You however are all being given a wonderful gift. It is all good to be self aware, and to meditate, and to create the best of lives and even be altruistic. However the learnings come when difficculties arrive. How best to further the human condition than to present challenges and grow from there. Indeed you think the past year has not been the best, but if you look at it from another perpspecitvek you will see the opportunities abound for true growth on the planet. Can you truly proceed forward at a whole on the planet today. Can you transcend your differences? The world and countries seem polarized indeed. But the challenge is to see what you have in common. There is, as the sayging goes, only one choose love over fear. We are here to help, and will respond when there are requests to communicate

with us. We are here for you as are other guides. Yes we do exist, just not in the concepts you imagine. As you know we are an inexact science and our world view sits differently than yours. We do come in love and through what you would call God. We love you. See you soon again... John, and the rest.. Randall's Notes: John first came through on a small piece of paper when I was doodling. He mostly signs as "John and the Rest" meaning that "the rest" are other entities wrapped up in the communication coming through. I take it to mean that the collection of entities are a collective effort of a few. What's becoming clear however is that I'm feeling the inclination to comment more and take a more directive role in adding to the dialog. So, whether it's a personal reading, or here on this blog, you'll hear more from me as well as from John. I may also include audio sessions from "Yolanda" who comes through verbally. Very different sort of reading there. All for now, Randall

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