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After 30 yrs of Channeling, Finally...

I sat quietly in my morning meditation and have been feeling the shift. It's been happening again lately. Maybe because I've been working on this website, and offering up my gift of channeling. I've been reading a book called Medium, and it's dawned on me that the spirit guides I've been channeling for 30 yrs now, have mostly been for other people. Then yesterday, quietly, I queried or invited any "God appointed guides" to join me in conversation. "That was all he/they/she needed" as is usually my intro line.. They came in clearly, conversing with me in my mind, as clearly as someone standing next to me. I asked who they were, and he/she said was "a collection of entities on some level", but that I could call him "The One", Or "One". "Like the Great Spirit that encompasses all?", I asked, "In a way" he replied. "You could also call me "Number One", as you've been watching lots of Star Trek lately, and that relates. I can help you with navigation. Star Trek by the way, especially the series you're watching now, is relevant, bringing in some good social questions." The conversation went on in a pleasant way, almost too jovial, but as in any first meeting, there is a time where

we get our footings, at both ends. I will learn more about this personal guide as time goes on. I will ask more of him, for confirmation of who he is. But for now, we'll let the relationship grow. I'll keep you posted. R

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