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Channeling, Mediumship and Couples Life-Coaching


I initiate a voluntary  trance, but am aware and awake throughout.  It's a bit  similar to being in a dream, so when I come out of a session, I have a general idea of what was said, but not many specifics.  I can end the session at any time, however it's better if the client keeps a rough track of the time and ends when they feel their questions are finished, or when the hour is up. Or we can use a timer with a small meditation bell.

All sessions require a bit of preparations the evening prior, such as a longer meditation, and some acknowledgment of your session the following morning at 5am my time in NZ. It would be best if you prepare a bit by quieting the mind in some way, contemplate the session ahead of time, and refrain from alcohol/drugs and get a good night's sleep prior.


Spirit guides don't make decisions for you, but give you something to reflect on your life and encourage you to take the proper actions based on what you're learning. They also don't tell you the future, as free will and probabilities are based on the spiritual laws rather than a fixed view. Often you'll hear repeated advice or things to consider rather than new and dazzling information. These guides choose to work with me because it's a similar match of outlook, values and even sense of humour.

All sessions are on a donation/Koha/Ayni basis - So pay what you feel is appropriate for the value you've received. Any payments can be in either hourly exchange, cash, credit card or bank transfer (if you're in NZ)


Sessions with the spirit guide Yolanda start with a few minutes of settling in, and then my voice and demeanor change to accomodate Yolanda's input. The more prep I've done the night before, the clearer the session, so what we're looking for is a clean signal so the info is accurate and clear for you.


John is a light-hearted spirit guide who can get quite specific on his guidance. He only comes through (at least thus far) by automatic writing or typing on a keyboard.  I have always had a special affinity for him. Maybe because of his sense of humour or how we first met. I was doodling on some post-it notepads, and we made our first connection. In his writing, aside from giving us pertninent info, he suggested "next time, get some bigger paper." We can do Q&A live on a chat format or you can send questions by email and I'll have John respond via email.


I connect with one of my spirit guides who acts as a gatekeeper to the other side. I ask to make contact with someone on the other side who has a connection with the client, and ask for evidence or proof of survival and connection before we proceed. If the evidence is sufficient, we proceed.  These sessions are on a donation basis. I've had many impromptu and important sessions with deceased loved ones, who wanted me to carry on messages to someone living and I still have a bit of refinement of this discipline.  This status doesn't apply to my other disciplines mentioned above though.



I'm a certified life coach and have adopted the work of Don Rosenthal's Open Hearted Listening practices to help break the patterns of unhealthy communication, or non-communication between partners. I also refer to other amazing resources that can greatly help couples on their journey together. There's a huge need for more open communication between couples during this time of change, and i feel I have lots to offer. Please get in contact to see if I can help you on your journey. I wiill be adding more info to this site shortly. Stay tuned


  • Please call/email ahead before you book.

  • You can book online or reserve by phone/email.

  • I also do sessions in person, in Hawea/Wanaka New Zealand, or by phone, Skype or Zoom.

  • COST: Sessions are on a donation/Koha/Ayni basis - So pay what you feel is appropriate for the value you've received. Any payments can be in either hourly exchange, cash, credit card or bank transfer (if you're in NZ: Westpac #0302960280231000 ).

  • Credit Cards see below:

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