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"When important questions continue to outnumber the answers, and those around you are unable or willing to help, Randall through his intuitive sessions, can help give you an insight you might never have imagined."


                                                                     Chris Sidford, MD, FACEP


Randall provided a couple sessions with my husband and I.  We were immediately drawn to his gift and ability to clarify questions of our past and relationships within our family.  Randall also provided details of the type of child we would have six months later, a son, and the character and wisdom of that child as he has grown into an adult.  Randall has an amazing psychic ability to provide answers to questions and comfort in knowledge that we could not obtain on our own.  We highly recommend Randall for anyone who is seeking personal information, and a greater understanding of their place in this lifetime and in past lives.  

                                                                                                     Vanessa L.,  Ph.D., RN


"Had a fantastic session with Randall, I was amazed at the depth and accuracy of the information he was able to pass on during our time together. Over the coming weeks and months much of this information became a reality. Randall was very compassionate with his reading and I wouldn't hesitate to contact him for further sessions."


                                                                                                      L. Elvin


"I have known Randall for nearly 40 years. When he began to know he could sense 'other realms', I trusted right away that he was authentic in this practice. He has channeled for me, and I always felt he was reading my deep truth. His disconnection to ego is pure love. His sessions can shift consciousness within the heart/soul of the receiver as well as contribute to a shift in consciousness of our planet. 

This kind of deep guidance is "the last frontier" for humans to truly know ourselves and own our own pathways, from a place of clarity, love, inner guidance, authentic vulnerability, and success."

Kathy Lowe, Singer/Songwriter, Performing Artist, Music Therapist

“In my channeling session with Randall, I received clarifying and insightful messages about my life and the people in it from a caring, all-knowing, wise and supportive source. I recommend this helpful and uplifting experience to help bring clarity and insight to your life!”


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