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My sessions have evidently helped quite a few people in times of crisis or change. I have been honored to be present during these times and offer what I can in helping people connect to deep connections with themselves and others, whether living or passed.

For years I was my own worst skeptic. But after reading about people's stories with similar skills, and working a bit with a shaman and a medicine woman who took me under her wing, I started to grow into the skills that were already there. As I get older I feel obligated to put my skills out there for those interested in a bit of extra guidance. I feel the guides with whom I work, are well suited, a good match with my personality, my demeanor and sense of outlook. In some way, the names assigned to the guides are a formality. On some level it is the greater knowledge base of Spirit/The Universe, on another it is my higher self, and on another it's a spirit guide named Yolanda or John.

Never have any guides been strong on telling people what to do,n or where to go. That takes away your free will. However they're good at getting you to look at  your own stuff, to see what might be holding you back . They do it in a very compassionate way, and most importantly remind you that you are loved and are not alone.

Although a session can happen spontaneously or without little preparation,, I prefer to have a period setting the tone starting the afternoon prior to a session. Of course I may have regular obligations during that time, however a period of meditation  preparation and a full night sleep, help provide a solid and safe space for a good session the following day.



Channeling Sessions with "Yolanda", Trance

Yolanda came through when, in Sedona AZ, I my partner and I were trying to come up with a solution about something, and I said, "Well, let me sit down, meditate and see what comes to mind. That was all "They" needed as an invitation, and within time, I was channeling an entity called Yolanda. I also communicate with other entities.


From my perspective, we all have this gift, however, since I've been meditating since an early age, it's fairly easy for me to go into Alpha brain wave state (Alpha brainwaves are dominant during quietly flowing thoughts, and in some meditative states. Alpha is ‘the power of now’, being here, in the present. Alpha is the resting state for the brain.)


Channeling for me is not an on/off switch, rather a gradient from my higher self's wisdom to fully voluntarily letting another entity's information pass through my consciousness.  Yolanda doesn't tell you what to do or where to go, but collaborates with my background, experiences, interests and knowledge to provide food for thought, and direction in the bigger sense, in the spiritual aspects of your life.


Channeling Sessions - Automatic Writing, with "John"

Automatic writing with John started about a year after my introduction to Yolanda via trance channel. John tends to be a bit more detailed and often provides a healthy sense of humor perspective. In his words, "We are able to be a bit freer with things because we have less grey matter to get through only one hand.

Again, I was sitting with my partner in our apartment, trying to problem solve as I doodled on a post-it notepad. The drawing seemed a bit different than normal, similar to when you've produced something unusual while talking to someone on the phone. Your left brain is kept busy doing the important talking stuff, while you're right brain is free to create and connect with spirit. This is what happened to me when I wondered what would happen if I just let the pencil go where it wanted.


Well that's all they needed...the pen took off, seemingly on its own, with my permission of course, saying.."John here. Welcome, your drawing keyed this off. Don't worry, this is normal. We are here to provide some help and guidance. next time, get some bigger paper." I write, frantically tearing off the little post-its to the next page.  I still have all the records of those early sessions, including the original post-its. At some point, I'll post those in our blog or on this site.


I have been introduced to medium-ship through friends or family who have passed on to the other side. I have not been a stranger to death and often when someone I have known' or a friend of a friend has died, they contact me and ask me to please tell the survivor they are OK.


Early on, I had been surprised by this spontaneous non-verbal but very real contact I was encountering. I decided to honor it and tell the surviving person, who has always been grateful that I passed on the messages.  As a side note, I have had enough "signs" from those who have passed on, been around people near or at the point of death, that I have no doubt there is a bond that goes beyond the world we see here.



When I first heard Eckhart Tolle read the audio version of his book, I remember thinking, this stuff is something I can relate to. The acid test was, if he had a sense of humor, which doesn't really come across in The Power of Now. Then I heard a taped interview. I think it was, The Sun Also Rises, taped on Sept 11 2011, and through even that difficult time in history, I think I remember his having  sense of humour perspective. If it weren't that interview, it might have been another.
Anyway, I believe in taking life seriously but taking myself lightly. So is my approach to any spiritual work, and the guides I work with tend to keep things in perspective as well. I believe in honesty, walking the talk and doing the best by people - which usually comes through in my dealings with people and business.

Lastly, I'm big on communication, which is probably why these guides come in my direction, and why we reach out in such an inquisitive way.

There was a series of channelings from Early Native Americans, that came through very strongly about my home in New Hampshire that was quite surprising. I was ski-patrolling and living in my yurt at the time. I'll never forget the day when I was giving a reading for them, and all of sudden this powerful energy entered the room, and entered my body, (voluntarily of course). It was "Broken Arrow" who said he wanted people to know the pre-historical perspective, just after the last ice age of the people who lived here. This was a very area specific, within 40 mile radius. There is a lot of known history of Native Americans in this area, and there was a lot of information that came through during those sessions. I will have to track that info down. I can't remember if it was recorded or written, but I know there is some record of it. And it was fascinating. Broekn Arrow was very strong in his words and actions - pounding the arm of the chair as he spoke, imploring to get his story told. I had better get going!

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